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about us -

and about you.

We harvest and produce

organic food supplement

from the pure arctic nature

Our history

Bioform has existed since the end of the 90s and has been owned by Trond Solstrand from Norway since 2000.

Bioform’s purpose is to help people live a healthy, long and good life with lots of vitality.

Our focus is on health from the inside out, not from the outside in, as we believe that the really big changes come from within.

That’s why Bioform produces 100% natural and pure food supplements without additives, fillers or any synthetic content so that you get as close as possible to eating the right plants.

We take care of nature in the process because we believe that we have a responsibility, not only towards people but also towards the environment. Concretely, this means that many ingredients are handpicked and processed gently.

In addition to the Arctic ingredients, Bioform carefully selects the best ingredients on the world market in order to offer the highest quality nutritional supplements to ensure your health from the inside.

We have some completely unique ingredients that come from the arctic areas in northern Scandinavia.

An important factor in this context is that raw materials from arctic areas can benefit from growing conditions in one of the cleanest and least polluted places in the world.

Another, and perhaps more important, factor is that these plants have to fight extra hard for their survival because:

  • the midnight sun shines 24 hours a day and exposes the plants to greater UV radiation
  • large temperature fluctuations and
  • often barren growing conditions.

This means that the plants develop and strengthen their own defences by producing extra large amounts of highly potent antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamins.

Which in turn gives us the opportunity to deliver organic food supplements, with world-class quality.


About you..

See if we deliver in relation with what you want.

If you are already here with us, we assume that you are a conscious consumer, and only want to give your body the best. Besides your routines – like exercise, enough sleep, enough time out, etc. – you know that the basis for good and long-term health is based on an optimal supply of micronutrients.

Unfortunately, the majority of the population has problems getting the necessary nutrients through their own diet. Something that can lead to health issues in the long run.

If you care about quality and buy organically as much as possible, we have good news for you: you’ll only find products made from natural organic ingredients that have been lab-tested for purity and nutrient content. Our plants are wild harvested – preferably in the Arctic – so we don’t need any chemical or questionable additives to provide you with a premium product.

When taking a dietary supplement, it is essential to understand what nutrients your products contain and the total amounts of each nutrient you take. The same applies to Lumity. If you want to take Lumity with other supplements, you need to be aware of the total level of each mineral and vitamin in your supplement combination. We do not recommend exceeding the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) values for each vitamin and mineral. Check our nutritional information to make sure you’re not doubling up on nutrients with another supplement and getting too much of the good stuff.

It is much cheaper to produce food supplements via chemical processes. There is also no doubt that the desired molecular structures can be produced – this means that synthetic food supplements have by far the largest market share on the market.

Fortunately, the trend is turning – and it’s thanks to you! You are also part of the change that is making this market more natural.

Organic products have many advantages, which I’m sure you know too.

– They contain more nutrients – which can be absorbed better and faster in their natural form.
– They are free of toxins.
– They provide better intestinal health.
– They also taste better.

We absolutely understand that! This is why we constantly check the origin and quality of our raw material. We buy them mainly from local traders, and plan to stay exclusively in the region in the future. If you – like us – value that your food supplement should be organic, the choice in shops or pharmacies is very limited – over 95% of the products sold are synthetically produced products.

One of the significant problems concerning dietary supplements is that the area is not well regulated, and unfortunately, this has led to many unscrupulous providers. Of the more than 25,000 brands you can find worldwide, only a fraction produce their products. In a study on a particular dietary supplement, 20 different brands were analysed for the content of their ingredients. Unfortunately, only 3 contained the stated ingredients. In addition, if you find organic brands, be aware that many people buy extracts from the Asian market. Unfortunately, the content can be cheap, but the quality often lags.

Bioform focuses on origin, quality and transparency and works with the objective of complete control over the entire production chain:

– We buy directly from collectors.

– We mix and produce in our factory.

– We sell and distribute directly to consumers.

For better or for worse, we are a relatively small and transparent business and, therefore, we depend on your trust.

It’s our priority too, that’s why we continuously work on our climate and sustainability goals.

We work in collaboration with universities, both in Norway and Finland, with continuous research and innovation in raw materials, production and process engineering, product development and more, in order to minimize our – and therefore your – impact on the environment.

We collect wildly growing Arctic raw materials to the greatest extent possible. It means that the raw materials are without any form of fertilizer, no pesticides, no cultivation of land, or environmental footprints.

Our carbon footprint for 2023 is calculated at minus 70 tonnes of CO2. We have our license to cultivate seaweed, and in 2023 will produce around 300 tonnes. The seaweed absorbs CO2 from the sea, which means we positively contribute to the environmental accounts.

You can soon make your wasteless shopping with us! We are pleased to announce that in 2023 we will be with the most environmentally friendly packaging on the market! (Here, we collaborate with one of the world’s largest packaging manufacturers.)

Trust is built in millimeters and torn down in meters.

Having to make a choice among potentially many hundreds of different providers, in a market known for and filled with unscrupulous actors, is and will always be a matter of trust and transparency.

If you want organic products, you should consider several factors – a variety of parameters influence the chemical profile of plants. The content of active ingredients in plants can vary between different plants within a species, between different varieties within a species, between different parts of a plant within a variety, and between seasons and growing locations. This means that there are plants that are botanically very similar, but which can nevertheless have a very different chemical composition.

We therefore believe that it is important that you find a supplier who controls the entire process chain – from the collection of the raw materials, the mixing conditions, the production, the testing to the sale. We are a small business, we have a vision, and we are continuously working on improvements to offer you the best and safest products on the market. Will you come on the journey with us?

Give your body what it needs!

Protection - Preservation - Recovery